About U.S. WIN

The U.S. WIN organization was established in May 1999 with the following strategic objectives:

  • to support an environment in nuclear energy and nuclear technologies in which women and men are able to succeed
  • to provide a network through which the women and men in these fields can further their professional development
  • to provide an organized association through which the public is informed about nuclear energy and nuclear technologies.

U.S. WIN is the premier network of over 6,000 women and men who work in nuclear- and radiation-related fields around the country.  The membership includes professionals in various nuclear-related fields including Chief Nuclear Officers, reactor operators, engineers, researchers, health physicists, human resource professionals, nuclear communications professionals, policy makers, and lawyers in the nuclear industry to name a few. 

U.S. WIN members may participate in local chapters, regional organizations and the national organization. Chapters may be organized based on company, school affiliation or geographic region.